Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang Wajib Pergi

Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang iaitu Penang Escape Theme Park
Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang iaitu Penang Escape Theme Park

Bercakap sahaja tentang tempat menarik di Pulau Pinang pastinya ramai yang akan memasukkan Menara Komtar, Bukit Bendera dan semestinya nama-nama tempat makan yang best di sana. Namun kali ini admin cuba bawa anda semua lari sikit dari kebiasaan iaitu ke suatu tempat yang sangat best.

Tempat menarik di Pulau Pinang yang ingin admin kongsikan kali ini ialah Penang Escape Theme Park yang terletak di Teluk Bahang Pulau Pinang! Ya, konsep tempat menarik yang ingin diketengahkan kali ini ialah lebih kepada riadah dan sukan seperti Taman Botani Putrajaya. Tetapi ianya jauh lebih hebat dan mencabar. Tak percaya?

Dengar nama sahaja pun dah menarik bukan? Sebenarnya admin rasa pasti ramai yang belum pernah sampai ke Penang Escape Theme Park ini betul tak? Jadi kali ini jom sama-sama kita terjah tempat menarik di Pulau Pinang kali ini yang pastinya sangat mengujakan terutama untuk mereka yang gemarkan aktiviti fizikal yang mencabar! Tidak kira peringkat umur, tempat ini sangat sesuai untuk anda semua. Sebelum pergi jauh, jom kita selongkar dahulu pengenalan tentang Penang Escape Theme Park ini.

Penang Escape is the fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment. ESCAPE re-introduces the play and values of yesteryear so to inject reality into a world overdependent on an isolation-inducing electronic lifestyle. Through fun activities, with an emphasis on self-directed and self-powered play, the visitor experiences Low Tech, High Fun.

ESCAPE demonstrates there’s no age limit to having fun as the rides and games are designed for a wide range of age groups, abilities, and energy levels.

Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang Wajib Pergi!

  • Alamat : 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Nombor Telefon : 04-881 1106
  • Waktu Operasi : 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Peta Lokasi :

Dapatkan Info Menarik di Penang Escape Theme Park

Kalau tanya admin, ibaratnya boleh dikatakan aktiviti di Penang Escape Theme Park ini semuanya sangat menarik! Kenapa? Sebab dalam satu tempat ini sahaja kita boleh buat banyak sangat aktiviti yang best tidak kira peringkat umur dan mengikut kesesuaian yang ditetapkan untuk keselamatan semasa melakukan aktiviti. Tak percaya? Jom kita terjah senarai aktiviti yang ada di sini.

Peta Penang Escape Theme Park

Sebelum itu, terjah dahulu peta di kawasan Penang Escape Theme Park ini. Memang luas!

Peta Penang Escape Theme Park
Peta Penang Escape Theme Park

Aktiviti Fizikal di Penang Escape Theme Park


Learn to climb like a pro and perfect your balancing skills on this challenging rope course. There are three levels for you to try and it’s suitable for monkeys of all ages as well as for team building.


Enjoy the thrill of flying, as you zip across a long cable in between trees high above the ground.


Many children have spent fun-filled times flying their kites in the breeze. As they look up to see their kite floating above they wonder what it would be like to be the kite and what the view would be. Kite Flyer places the visitor in a position to experience the childhood wish to fly high above the ground. Hold on tight as the kite soars into the sky!


Enjoy an exhilarating journey downhill sitting in a tubby tube. You can even link several tubby tubes together for great family fun!


Remember the days of climbing trees and using them as a launch pad to jump into the water? Well, Atan’s Leap recreates the opportunity to overcome fear.  By following the instructions of the safety staff we can all build our sense of self-responsibility and take that leap into the unknown.


Become as sticky footed as a gecko on this climbing tower. You choose your own path to the top. Safe in the knowledge that there is an auto-belay system in case your gecko feet lose their grip!


Monkey School’s aim is to provide an experience for Future Kids and Junior Kids to learn and practice whole-body coordination skills in a fun environment while tackling obstacles and challenges…just like in life. Monkey School Graduates…make your way to Monkey Business!


If you’re a young child you will love practicing your climbing, crawling and balancing skills in this multi-activity play structure.


Why should the Junior Kids have all the fun in Foxy Burrow? A-MAZE is a hide-and-seek adventure for families to enjoy.  Parents have the opportunity to bond with their children as they explore the darkness together, you’ll be ‘A-MAZEd’!


Not all fun has to be done at height. Do you remember the hours of fun playing hide and seek, and creating adventures in dark places? Cupboards and blankets became magical places in which the imagination could run wild.

We had independent play back in our childhood and Foxy Burrow brings all of this back with a sense of adventure, self-directed exploration, and independence so to build self-confidence.


Pan for treasure in this activity which takes you back to the early days of Malaysia’s mining history. You’ll need to bring out the secret prospector within you to find the ‘gems’ and ‘gold’ hidden in the sand, soil, and streams.


It’s always fun to go-kart and this one is human-powered which adds to the challenge! You can race or just have fun going fast and making high-speed turns on this highly maneuverable ride. Note to parents: it’s very addictive!


Test your skill and balance by walking between the platforms along the pole. It’s harder than you think, but don’t worry, you have a safety harness to prevent you from falling off!


Swing through the trees with the greatest of ease. Feel the rush of the air through your hair as you enjoy the fun of finding out who can swing the furthest!


Climbing trees will bring out the young ape in you! You can climb and enjoy the view as you go or friends can race each other to the top. This activity is for all ages and the auto-belay harness ensures your safety at all times.


As a child you may have swung on a vine or rope to jump into a stream or pond. What fun that was! Aerobat recaptures the feeling of swinging through the air and performing acrobatics. Can you do a triple loop?


Remember the days of skipping and hopping? Now JUMPING JACK allows you to perform somersaults, back flips, and cartwheels all in a safe and fun activity.


Tree climbing is a natural ability driven by instinct, but one that is largely neglected these days.This fun activity can be done as an individual challenge or as a race among friend. Either way the view from the top is great!


Remember being pushed on a swing and daring to see how high you could go? Daredevils would try to swing over the bar but fail. Now you can go the full 3 Sixty degrees in safety and enjoy that upside-down feeling!


This is an extension of our famous MONKEY BUSINESS rope course, but with a name like GO BANANAS what’s different? Bananas! Prepare yourself to get up close and personal with the biggest bananas you’ve ever seen!


Children love this special Learning House where they can discover all about nature and the environment


Challenge your friends to sit on the tipping seat while others try to hit the target. Will you stay dry or splash into the tank? Who knows? It’s up

Harga Tiket ke Penang Escape Theme Park

Harga Tiket Penang Escape Theme Park
Harga Tiket Penang Escape Theme Park

Jom Terokai & Rasai Extreme di Escape

Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang
Tengok pun dah mencabar, betul tak?
Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang
Siapa pernah panjat pokok kelapa?
Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang
Takut? Anda kena try sendiri!
Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang
Tidur kembalikan tenaga!
Penang Escape Theme Park Tempat Menarik di Pulau Pinang
Base Camp!

Review Pengunjung Penang Escape Theme Park

If u have the opportunity to visit Penang and u’re a sporty and adventurous people, this place is a must to visit!! The worker here is very friendly and helpful. I’ve spend up the entire day in escape and still I couldn’t get enough. It’s very tiring but super super fun! Shiuan Chiam

Recommend purchasing tickets online 2 month before you want to go as it can be significantly less ( less by half) compared to buying on the spot ( RM 84 for adults). Eat a heavy breakfast becoz no food n drinks allowed (including water) and everything cost double inside. You can finish all the attractions in one day provided not many people. They provide showers so bring a towel and extra clothing. Lockers cost RM 10 to rent. Some attractions are open at different timing so ask around to plan out your day. The safety harness cables do leave a mark on your shirt so don’t wear anything you do not want stained. The kite flyer ride requires you to pedal a stationary bike that pulls a cable to lift the person before or after you. A bit disappointed with this attraction as it uses the visitors energy to entertain other visitors. Why can’t they just buy a motor. Other then that the staff are friendly. The place is mostly hot and humid so you will sweat even if you are just waiting in line. Bring gloves if you do not want your hands rough. Don’t forget to wear shoes. Mior Nabil

Good place to adventure with buddies and family. Child park provided. Get up to 50% discount for early online purchase. Yik Choong Jer

A playground for all ages. Physically demanding, but you don’t have to be a triathlete to enjoy the park! Muhammad Izrin

A must visit for both tourists and local. Plenty of fun, some obstacles are challenging but no worries, its perfectly safe if you abide by the rules. Chi Ngan Lee

One of the adrenaline seeker’s places. Dian Miao Ling

Огромный “Панда-парк” Замечательное место для любителей полазать. Подходит для всех, начиная с 10 лет. Alex Woolf

Special Thanks

Alhamdulillah, kami rasa mungkin setakat ini dahulu maklumat tentang Penang Escape Theme Park! yang dapat kami di dapat kongsikan dengan pembaca. InsyaAllah jadikan website kami sebagai rujukan WAJIB anda semua jika mahu pergi bercuti atau mencari tempat menarik untuk berhibur, makan dan menenangkan fikiran.

Sekiranya anda mempunyai pengalaman di Penang Escape Theme Park, silalah tinggalkan komen dibawah untuk berkongsi pendapat dan review dengan pengunjung lain. Semoga setiap penulisan anda dibalas dengan pahala InsyaAllah.

Jangan lupa tulis review anda bagi yang pernah sampai ke Penang Escape Theme Park!.

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