Konsep Kedai Buku Negara Jepun di Kinokuniya Malaysia

Kinokuniya Malaysia

Assalamualaikum. Kinokuniya Malaysia merupakan kedai buku yang menawarkan lebih 300,000 buku dalam bahasa Inggeris, Jepun, Cina dan Bahasa Melayu. Ianya terletak di Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) dan ianya adalah tempat menarik di Kuala Lumpur.

Di kedai Buku Kinokuniya ini, pelbagai latar belakang pengarang diterima sebagai koleksi jualan. Ianya dari peringkat literatur deawasa dan kanak kanak, novel grafik, buku seni dan rekacipta, buku sains sosial, seni tayangan dan tajuk tajuk cara kehidupan. Disini juga punyai laman buku dan majalah dari Jepun yang membuatkan Kedai Buku in unik.

Kedai buku edisi Jepun bukan hanya buku berkonsepkan majalah, malah manga, katalog, buku rekabentuk, buku foto idola remaja dan lain lain lagi.Ruangan buku yang besar dan suasana membaca ini boleh didapati di taman KLCC.

Kedai buku ini amat menarik dan anda mampu berehat dan mentelaah buku buku di sini dengan senang hati. Terdapat kedai kopi di  Aras Mezzanine iaitu Coffee Club Xpress yang menawarkan suasana pembacaan bersama aroma kopi. Konsep kedai buku ini amat unik seumpama kedai buku di Jepun dan kami kongsikan Peta Tempat Menarik ini.


Mari kita lihat butiran kawasan ini dahulu.

  • Alamat : Lot 406-408 & 429-430, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Nombor Telefon :   +60 3-2164 8133
  • Waktu Operasi :  10am – 10pm
  • Peta Lokasi : 

Dapatkan Info Menarik di Kunikoniya Malaysia

  1. Koleksi buku yang pelbagai
  2. Senarai Manga yang dulu dan terkini lengkap
  3. Pelbagai buku dair perlbagai negara iaitu Jepun, Cina, Malaysia, dan lain lain lagi.
  4. Anda mampu membeli buku lebih murah dengan kad keahlian Kunikoniya.
  5. Senarai buku untuk tempahan boleh dirujuk di laman web rasmi Kunikoniya Malaysia.

Jom Saksikan Buku yang ditawarkan di Kunikoniya Malaysia

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Jom Lihat Review Pengunjung di Kunikoniya Malaysia

Maybe the best place to select books. But the price is usually higher than other places. It really has lots of Chinese books, especially books translated from Japanese to Chinese by Taiwan publishers. But these books’ prices are much much higher than the original prices. If you want to buy Chinese books, try to buy online from 有名 website. By the way, Kin has some beautiful natural stone items. I like that area. Yang Liu

Perfect place to have a best book. Japanese fonts, manga, fiction, children, popular science, etc. Nice place. Clear signboard. Putut puji utomo

Best of bookstore in Malaysia. There are pretty choice of books and magazines available.
There are areas sell a lot of Japanese book and magazines. Ang CheeYong

The one bookstore to rule them all. In all seriousness, it is a great book store with a huge collection of books and great service by their staff. The atmoshphere of the store makes you want to come back and just stay for hours on end just looking at the vast collection of books.

The presence of both a Japanese and Chinese section is very much a welcomed feature to any book store, as for a person who at least knows a little bit of both languages makes being in the Chinese and Japanese section quite the adventure.

However, this place looses a star due to the nature of the way they handle ordered books. I noticed that ordering one book will not bring you any problems, but ordering a whole collection in order to, for example, complete a comic or manga collection turns into a sluggish waiting game. But this was not the main problem, rather the staff were the problem in this case.

Generally the staff are good, but in this dilemma they were rather slow and often did not respond whenever I asked for the status of my order. It was on the 5th attempt of calling them did I finally get a solid reply. Overall, truly a bookstore to rule them all, but its downfall will be from its staff. That’s how every story goes nowadays.  Marcus Winther

The best book store in KL, the selection is amazing. If they don’t have the title of the book, you can always order from them. The only downside is the books are pricey. There is also a section for Japanese books and magazine. James Tham

Tons of genres collections of books!!! Best place in Malaysia to purchase you books and stationary. Wonderful ambience and a cafe on second floor to enjoy your reading. Teo Jing Yi

Well organised – quiet and comfortable. Ground staffs are helpful and good service at cashier. I can stay here for long. Linwei Wee

I loved books and there is lots of books there, if you guys didn’t go please check it out.I just went there yesterday. Is there squishes there?  I went there and I couldn’t find it,but Ian sure there is. I thought of buying it, my mom said
I could buy it but I can’t find it. I could have bought it. Please tell me if you guys know. Thks. Elvira Lee

Definitely my favorite book store in town. Located at the top floor of Suria KLCC middle court. The book store encompasses a huge area, holding a wealth of almost all book genres. Here one is able to find many items, old or new, that is not available in local book stores. They have a good magazine selection as well. Always a good place to drop by to check out new best seller titles. Pricing is acceptable. Highly recommended. Stephen Abraham

I could say that this majestic place has more visitors than the shopping boutique Antonio Neoh Vasquez

Best place to buy books. But if you found the book you want. Grab it! Some books are so low in stock that you might not see it the next time you come around. wyn gy ho

Best Bookshop in KL. Well stocked. English Chinese Malay Japanese Books and Magazines can all be found here. Chew E.G.

Kinokuniya in KLCC is one of my favorite place in town! This bookstore is always up to date with the latest books published and it’s always a joy to come here to browse through the vast collection of books they have here. If you got tired of wandering through the shelves of books, there’s a cafe upstairs too! Shing H

My favourite book store. All book i want it have in here. Nice place. Iman Hakimi

Any kinds of books can be found here! Great place for book lovers. WeiLong Tan

This is the best bookstore I’ve ever been to. It has a huge collection of different types of books. I can bought manga and light novels imported from Taiwan here which are hard to find in other places. I can always find the book that I’m looking for here. In addition to that, I like that most books are covered in plastic sheets in order to protect the books. The atmosphere is nice except during certain holidays when the whole mall is crowded with people. The view is nice too, you can see the fountain by looking down from the window. The price of the books sold here are more expensive compared to other book stores but considering that most of those books are imported books and are hard to find anywhere else in Malaysia, it’s worth it for book lovers. If the book you’re looking for is out of stock, they can even order it for you through the online store. Lunar

Nice place and I can find lots of Egyptology books here. Chally Guo

I am a bookstore addictor. This is the best bookstore in KL I have been and I spent a lot of time in here. Picking my books or take a rest at the cafe upstairs to read my new purchase book. The nice interior design is the best way to provoke the interest of a customer to spend time in here. Chemical917

Great book reading corner and finding ? the. Book companion. rosie DARIA

This is a very impressive and well stocked bookstore in the country. It has all genre and definitely a book lover’s paradise. The staff are friendly and very helpful. WaiTuck CHONG

Lovely place for the booklovers! There are so many of books in here you can buy. Good interiors and bookshelf design. Novan Prathama

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Sekiranya anda mempunyai pengalaman di Kunikoniya Malaysia , silalah tinggalkan komen dibawah untuk berkongsi pendapat dan review dengan pengunjung lain. Semoga setiap penulisan anda dibalas dengan pahala InsyaAllah.

Jangan lupa tulis review anda bagi yang pernah sampai ke Kunikoniya Malaysia.

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