Jom Menginap di Kluang Kontena Homestay di Kluang Johor Ini

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. Sekiranya anda tengah mencari bahan bacaan mengenai Kluang kontena homestay?

Jika ya, maka para pembaca sedang berada di post yang benar!

Kali ini, penulis akan membawa para pembaca ke satu kawasan yang menarik ini.

Kluang johor. ­čśŐ

Anda dah Pernah Menginap di Kluang Kontena Homestay di Kluang Johor Ini?

Lokasi Kluang Kontena Homestay ini sebenarnya berada di tempat yang trategik untuk para pengunjung bergerak di sekitar bandar Kluang. Apa yang penting, bukan lokasi sahaja tetapi pelbagai kemudahan lain turut disediakan disini.

Jika anda nak tahu apa yang menarik di homestay ini, apa kata kita pergi terjah beberapa review berkualiti di kawasan ini.

Overall nice experience and the rooms are fairly maintained. No comments on cleanliness but was better than my earlier experience at another hotel in Kluang. The hotel staff did messed up our period of stay and luckily we managed to stay the number of days we intended to but had to change room. This would make a great staycation / vacation of a big family as there is a nice outdoor swimming pool with plenty of seats for gathering / celebration. Another note for parents with children younger than 12 years old, there might be a few safety hazards that need to exercise more care like swimming pool / outdoor staircase / area where you place the water boiler etc. K.T

The room is very nice. Right in front of the pool too. It’s shared pool surrounded by other container room. Very good place for familyday. The surrounding is very clean & ig worthy. But it is quite far from the town. We travel mostly by Grab and usually had to wait for 5-10min as most of them from town. Necessities like iron, hairdryer have but don’t have fridge. Rakel Yul

Nice cozy place . Room were well maintained with 2 queen bed were comfy . There were karaoke on site but need to reserve if u wish to use. The pool are basic but in deed serve the purpose. Even at that day the owner provide us with breakfast (nasi lemak bungkus) which i quite familiar with the taste if not mistaken it were from the same vendor as the famous kluang station nasi lemak which were among the top in term of taste. My kids love it so definitely i recomended it to others. Shahrul Azhar