All You Can Eat Durian di Durian SS2 Petaling Jaya

Durian di Durian SS2 Petaling Jaya

Assalamualaikum kepada penggila durian. Tempat Makan yang Menarik yang ingin dikongsikan kali ini adalah hotspot buah durian di mana anda boleh makan sebanyak mana yang anda mahu di Durian SS2 sebagai tempat menarik di Selangor. 

Penggemar Durian dari Malaysia wajib singgah di gerai ini supaya dapat merasai sendiri dan bertukar pandangan dengan kaki durian yang lain kerana minat anda pasti sama dengan semua pengunjung di gerai ini.

Gerai ini terletak di SS2 dan telah beroperasi selama dua tahun. Disini, anda boleh bertemu durian durian yang sedap umpamanya D78, dan raja rasa durian iaitu Musang King. Bukan setakat itu, dengan moto ‘All you can eat’ sudah pasti gerai ini menawarkan buffet bagi menjamu selera durian.

Gerai ini mempunyai durian yang bertimbun timbun di atas mejanya seakan akan tidak akan habis. Inilah kekuatan gerai ini berbanding yang lain kerana mampu menawarkan makan durian sampai kenyang.  Kami juga kongsikan Peta Tempat Menarik ini.


Mari kita lihat butiran kawasan ini dahulu.

  • Alamat : 193, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Nombor Telefon : +60 12-234 5619 
  • Waktu Operasi :  Buka Jam 1200 
  • Facebook : Durian SS2榴莲
  • Peta Lokasi : 

Dapatkan Info Menarik di Durian SS2

Menu Menarik di SS2

Durian D24

Kualiti yang bagus dan biasanya pejal. Pilihan yang menaik.

Durian D78

Bagi sesiapa yang tidak pernah mencuba durian ini, anda pasti jatuh cinta dengan D78. Kulitnya agak keras. Namun selepas berjaya mengopeknya, D78 menawarkan isi yang tebal dan wangi. D78 rasanya manis. Selepas anda mencubanya mungkin anda tidak memikirkan akan jenis durian lain lagi.

Musang King

Seperti gelarannya, inilah raja durian kepada semua jenis durian. Rasanya yang sudah pasti paling sedap dan manis beserta isi yang banyak membuatkan anda pasti punyai pengalaman memakan durian yang tidak boleh dilupakan lagi.

Harganya paling mahal disini dan merupakan pilihan terbaik bagi penggemar durian. Wajib mencubanya walaupun sekadar sekali.

Harga dan Kos Terlibat

Harga ini pada tahun 2015

Kampung Durians – 10 RM
D78 – 12 RM
D24 – 15 RM
Red Prawn – 22 RM
D101 – 22 RM
XO -22 RM
Sultan – 25 RM
Jantung – 30 RM
Tekka – 35 RM
Musang King – 50 RM

sumber :

Jom Lihat Keadaan Sebenar di Durian SS2

Jom Lihat Review Pengunjung di Durian SS2

The place is spacious and ample parking available. Not too cheap for durian buffet especially if u are going not on a durian season. Service not very good. One of the staff was cleaning the other table threw the coconut into the bin behind where I sat, the left over coconut water spill all over my clothes. No sorry was given. 🙁 Carmen Chan

Good facility with plenty of seating and parking available. However, on the day we went, different types of durian was already packaged in boxes and refrigerated, therefore it’s losing the authenticity, tradition and ambiance of choosing your durian and having it opened right in front of you. Not sure if this is how the stall operates normally but on this particular day (16-Jul-16), it was as described above. M. Y. Tan

Got ripped off badly. Paid rm85 per kilo for musang king which tasted like potato. Then we asked for them to change it, and instead of exchanging the whole thing, they weighed what we didn’t eat and continued to charge us what we ate- which was 3 pieces. Then we got a “replacement” that weighed 1.7kg but it only had 4 pieces inside! So in total we paid rm200 for 4 pieces of durian. It was a huge rip off. I’m never going back again and suggest you find another place that is more honest. KK Chan

Too expensive. Better go to by the road stalls. Not worth it. Some of the durians were not really ripe Jamal Hamidi Abdul Rahman

Famous place to get Durian Fix. Fresh stock comes around 2pm each day. Sells out quickly in a couple of hours. John Heng

Ample parking,wide space for eating,a bit on the high price. Imagine durian cendol for rm28 with only 2 seeded durian Patrick Wong

I went there on July 24 and noticed they overcharge and the quality is no longer the same as previous years. The cheapest durian starts from RM45 per kg (was 28 last year) and the buffet is RM40 ( was 30 last year). However, unless you are a YouTuber or someone famous, do not expect to get those delicious looking durian you see when searching for this shop’s reviews. Turki Baghlaf

A place for gathering with friends and family. Having a nice buffet durian only RM40 per pax. The cendol durian not nice and expensive. Nice location with a lot parking and seat. Full of facility with toilet and basin to wash hand for customer. A place clean and not hot if u come on evening time. They provide high grade glove and tissue. A lot variety durian to be choose. Vincent Cha

Wide choice of durians available when in season. Other local deserts are available too. Recommended for all durian lovers Seiko Kinetic

When durians are in season their buffet is usually really good value at between RM30 & RM45 p/p. Brett Ginnivan

Good durian. Get ready to pay a stupid amount of money if it is not in season. Better places around but this place is very convenient. Andrew Long

The durians here are nice and there are workers will help you open the durian while you eat. And a proper dustbin to throw and place to wash hands. Unlike other places they dun have these. But the thing I dislike that the workers smoking while at work which i find it unhygienic and not so responsive when we call them. We have to really shout and wave to get their attention. Hopefully can improve on that in future. But other then that its still a nice place to chill and eat various kind of durian eventhough its bloody expensive. Ren Lunarix

Good area, good parking behind. But Ridiculously over priced. With strong sales tactic, I paid RM 90 for 1 durian & it’s no where near worth it!!!! I felt like a dumb tourist in my own country. Helmi Hasan

All lie thing at here. that all come kena tipu .all you can eat is all rubbish they serve to you title all you can eat after paid all you cannot eat..some rubbish they will giving to you Anson Vky

This is an open air durian specialty tent shop which opens just during durian season. Breezy and bright, this place offers durians of all kinds from mao sang wang to red prawn to d24 to sultan. The proprietor is helpful to choose the kind of durian you like, and he’s generous to take back “rejects” from your table. Wash down your durian treat with fresh coconut juice and seriously you are in fruity heaven! Wan-Ling Yeo

At times the durian helpers may seems to be not bothered to serve. due to the crowds.
Durian seems good but some actually tasteless.
Next time will bring back to them to ask for a change! yee wan choong

Yummy and convinent parking space, but careful with the exit slope. It scaped my car’s front bumper Eddie Siow

Duriannn nyum nyum ?? muslich shabir

One of the best to try a lot of varieties of durian but it is too commercialized imo. so the price could be more expensive than other places everything goes

Heavy durians little flesh. Limited choices only the premium ones. 1kg Raja Kunyit = RM83. Very expensive. Taste is so so. Mindy Chai

Penutup & Special Thanks

Sekiranya anda mempunyai pengalaman di Durian SS2 , silalah tinggalkan komen dibawah untuk berkongsi pendapat dan review dengan pengunjung lain. Semoga setiap penulisan anda dibalas dengan pahala InsyaAllah.

Jangan lupa tulis review anda bagi yang pernah sampai ke Durian SS2.

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durian-ss2Satu pengalaman yang menakjubkan jika anda dapat berkunjung kesini. Ianya satu tempat yang sangat menarik dan sesuai untuk anda sekeluarga. Apa yang penting, anda perlu tahu bahawa pengalaman, ketenangan dan kepuasan hati adalah jauh melampaui dari wang ringgit. Jadi jangan terlalu berkira untuk "hadiahkan" diri anda dan keluarga anda dengan percutian!