Rekabentuk seperti France ini Rupanya Hanya di Malaysia iaitu di Colmar Tropicale Resort Pahang


colmar tropicalAssalamualaikum semua. Tahukah anda bandar seumpama di eropah ini hanyalah di Malaysia sahaja. Ianya adalah di Bukit Tinggi, Bentong. Sekiranya anda berkunjung ke sini silalah singgah ke Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort sebagai salah satu tempat menarik di Pahang.

Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort adalah hotel bertaraf 4 bintang yang berkonsepkan senibina perancis dan berada betul betul di puncak Bukit Tinggi. Resort ini boleh dikatakan salah satu tempat bercuti yang terbaik di Malaysia selain ia juga amat sesuai untuk melepaskan tekanan selepas sekian lama bekerja.

Dibuka pada tahun 2000, Colmar Tropical dimodelkan berdasarkan Bandar Colmar, Tenggara Alsace, Perancis dan mengambil rekabentuk senibina dan elemen dari Kampung Lama Riquewihr, Turckheim dan Kaysersberg.

Resort ini mempunyai 235 bilik dan suit, 8 jenis kedai makan atau lounge dengan pelbagai jenis makanan tempatan dan antarabangsa. Ayuh berkunjung ke Colmar Tropical dimana kami juga kongsikan Peta Tempat Menarik ini disini.


Mari kita lihat butiran kawasan ini dahulu.

  • Alamat : KM 48 Persimpangan Bertingkat, Lebuhraya Karak, Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Nombor Telefon :  +60 9-221 3666
  • Waktu Operasi :  24 JAM
  • Facebook : Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi
  • Peta Lokasi : 

Dapatkan Info Menarik di Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort

Aktiviti Ditawarkan di sini.

  1. Lokasi Menarik di Bukit Tinggi
  • Bukit Tinggi merupakan lokasi yang yang terletak 2,500 kaki dari paras laut. Suhunya yang dingin dan pemandangan sekitar kawasan ini seakan akan berada di eropah menawarkan tempat pelancongan dan santai santai yang amat mempesonakan
  • Anda boleh meluangkan masa untuk mengambil gambar dan apa sahaja untuk menikmati keindahan kawasan ini.
  1. Upacara dan Majlis Perkahwinan
  • Resort ini mempunyai fasiliti yang lengkap dan pelbagai. Terdapat dewan yang boleh disewa dan persekitaran senibina yang cantik. Jadi ianya sesuai untuk pelbagai upacara korporat dan juga bagi melangsungkan perkahwinan.
  1. Spa
  • Disini juga terdapat fasiliti spa yang beralaskan ‘tatami’. Ianya berkonsepkan ala asia dan amat realistik untuk menenangkan lenguh lenguh badan serta fikiran yang kusut.
  1. Golf
  • Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club (BHGCC) terletak berdekatan dengan fasiliti ini. BHGCC  merupakan antara “Top 20 Best Golf Course in Malaysia 2010/2011” dan Lubang ke 17, diundi sebagai “4th Most Scenic Hole in Malaysia 2010/2011” dalam Readers Poll yang dikendalikan oleh Golf Malaysia Magazine.
  1. Aktiviti dan Rekreasi
  • Berbasikal MTB
    MTB ataupun Mountain Bike adalah satu aktiviti yang menarik dan menawarkan pengalaman bermakna keranan anda boleh melalui kawasan semulajadi dan berbukit di geografi ini. Nikmati pemandangan yang indah di sekitar Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale.
  • Mendaki ‘Rock Climbing’
    Sukan yang memerlukan kekuatan fizikal, tahan lasak dan stamina. Fasiliti ini disediakan disini dengan harga RM38 dan ianya lengkap bersama peralatan peralatan keselamatan yang sepatutnya.
  • Taman Organik

Penginapan yang Ada

  1. Family Room
  • Pemandangan semulajadi
  • 72 m²
  • 1 king bed
  1. 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Pemandangan semulajadi
  • 92 m²
  • 1 king bed
  1. Deluxe 1 Bedroom Suite
  • Pemandangan semulajadi
  • 69 m²
  • 1 king bed
  1. Superior Twin Room
  • Pemandangan semulajadi
  • 28 m²
  • 2 single beds
  1.  1 Bedroom Suite Twin Bed
  • Pemandangan Gunung
  • 69 m²
  • 2 single beds
  1.  Deluxe Twin Room
  • Pemandangan semulajadi
  • 28 m²
  • 2 single beds
  1. Deluxe King Room
  • Pemandangan Gunung
  • 28 m²
  • 1 king bed
  1.  1-Bedroom Suite dengan King Bed
  • Pemandangan Gunung
  • 69 m²
  1. Ume Tatami Suite
  • Terletak di Perkampungan Jepun
  • Konsep penginapan jepun

Jom Saksikan Keindahan Panorama di Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort

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Jom Lihat Review Pengunjung di Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort

It’s a great effort to model it like a french village, cool temperature and the performance makes it life like. the castle bridge and the swam complete the feeling. Although we visit during off peak period, the place looks a little dead, the room is big but poorly maintained. Mosquito abound, insecticide smell is blocking the natural air. We drove up to the japanese garden for a visit, steep climb but manageable, very good feeling and tranquil, good place to seat and laze around, if not for the crowd. Maybe visiting during peak season will be better, stage performance 4 times a day of dances, otherwise just walking around. One day stay is more than enough though. chephren chua

I really like this place. Beautiful scenery, nice and cool and just a very pleasant and relaxing place to be. If you want excitement then this isn’t really it. It takes a bit of effort to get here but a lovely feeling to finally arrive.
Yes, there’s room for improvement. The rooms are a bit tired looking but large, clean enough and quite adequate. The resteraunts are limited and pricey but the highway isn’t so far and there’s a nice foodcourt just a few miles along the highway towards KL. The breakfast is good.
Get a room facing away from the inner courtyard for even more quiet, the golf course views are fantastic.
The entertainment is basic but light hearted and enjoyable. There’s a nice pool and some beautiful walks. I find it really relaxing and quite tranquil. Julian S

Not much to do except to wander the streets of a French village to see the French architecture and taste French food. Very relaxing. There are shows at certain times which are entertaining. Just a place to relax Simon Heng

The room is clean, and the staffs were friendly. The environment there is nice, the buildings are beautiful and romantic. Good place for photograph. ??
Unfortunately, we can’t having fun around when it’s raining 犬神

super friendly staffs, had a great time n experience here. there are extra room decor option as well as a complimentary cake that was provided for my wife’s bday. overall cleanliness can still be improved and the room we had (heliconia) did not have a place to hang our wet towels FaizaL MoHaMaD

Very beautiful place. Friendly and helpful staff. Variety of food from western, Japanese, Asian and Malay. Best for honeymoon and family vacation. abdul muiz

Room Fuschia 6308. Spacious room. Spacious living room. Spacious bathroom. Well laid out design. Warmly decorated. Small and dimly lit kitchen area. One air con in living room not working. Leaking toilet. Multiple faulty power outlets. Power tripped once; perhaps due to heater, hair dryer and air con overload.

This place are well maintained with room for improvement especially construction leftover near the tower area. nig tra

Accommodation is good condition and food provided were delicious. Kudos to the hospitality provided the all staffs! Mustakim Muhamad

I stayed at the hotel for a day. There was not much to see in this French Village, it was small. But there are a few cool attractions like arcade room, gymnastic show, swans, Japanese Garden and Animal Park. I like that they provide free shuttle bus service to go to Japanese Garden and Animal Park. The employees were friendly and helpful. There are too many people here, don’t expect to get a nice place to relax and chill. The food are too expensive. The price of ice cream were doubled compared to KL. If you want to enjoy without wasting money, bring your own food and cook in your room. Sofea AJ

Bathroom 4/10 (needs maintenence) .
Staff 7/10 (needs better English).
Air conditioning 5/10 (could be better).
Room service food 8/10 (sizeable portions).
Room service price 4/10 (overpriced).
Amenities 5/10 (badly designed and inconvenient. Check photos. Bed lamp requires you to get off the bed, stand up and then operate. Sink tap is separated from the base. Toilet shower has no switch. Once of two TV doesn’t work Faysal Abdulaziz

This is like a old village of Europe like french village. it is amazing and really interesting. this is a good place for photographers. there are some coffee shop and restaurant there. Abilash Reddy

Lovely cool climate compared to KL. The area is actually nicely looked after. A great getaway from the heat. Fantastic areas around the resort.

The resort has swimming pools, fitness centre, spa and a number of restaurants. Other activities available such as paintball, horse riding, flying fox. Don’t forget to visit the Japanese tea house and botanical gardens – definitely a must!

Downsides: Hotel rooms not as clean and looked after as expected. Cockroaches in bathroom – this should have been taken care of with a resort of this type. Also, food not exactly as French as it should be!!

Bring your own snacks and water. Water definitely overpriced here. H Alam

An awesome French village inspired theme resort, there’s a very huge amount of creative and hard work put into modeling the landscape. Class S Hero 

Scencery here very nice ! A good place for those who love to take picture and selfie or wefie ! Eric Gan Chee How

I really liked the view there. However, it is bad that adventure park and atv stops while raining. It rains everyday afternoon so the best time to play is early morning. Long distance drive in curvy that made me so dizzy omar tarek

Had a nice evening with cool weather. Certain could feel the Christmas atmosphere with all the deco around. Dinner price was mid-high but was satisfied with the food.
Family friendly with entertainment outlets and stalls that offered some shopping.
The upkeep of the room needs to improve. I had body itch which caused most likely by bed bugs. Jack Ngui

Wonderful place just outside downtown KL. Its on the way to Genting. The place is really beautiful and there are a few other themed places nearby. Must go! Nabil Chowdhury

Beautiful location, but the Hari Raya decorations (hanging lightbulbs all over the place looking like Ketupats) did not go well with the French theme. Also, the netting used to suspend the lights made photography difficult. Nonetheless, the location is great for photos and is very cooling. Driver slowly and safely because the road is narrow and winding. Norman Gerard Teng

Cute European architecture. Nice to stroll around, although there aren’t many activities or good dining options. Shuttle buses are provided to nearby places of interest like the Japanese Village and Animal Park.  Pearlyn Chua

Cool place on French Village but need improvement on Japanese Village (made easier to get there and more place to stay) Nugs Ugroseno

The street and nature and restaurants and buildings are awesome and amazing. The rooms from the inside are not really good. The lighting is veeerrrryyyy dim. Everything is so old (the furniture, locks etc) and the service is not good. It is expensive because of the location and the views but the room is not worth the price. Bulbul Chan

a good place to relax your mind although the village are not to big and not many food choice. nua rs

An hour drive from KL, nice to visit here around 10 am -12 pm in the afternoon. Make sure you take car rental from KL, or shuttle bus from Berjaya Times Square, but usually fully booked during weekend. Getting around only need 2-3 hours max, except you have plan to stay over night. Endro Buncit

Penutup & Special Thanks

Sekiranya anda mempunyai pengalaman di Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort , silalah tinggalkan komen dibawah untuk berkongsi pendapat dan review dengan pengunjung lain. Semoga setiap penulisan anda dibalas dengan pahala InsyaAllah.

Jangan lupa tulis review anda bagi yang pernah sampai ke Colmar Tropical French Theme Resort.

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